Behind the seam

SAX's mission is to bring you fun hero pieces to elevate your wardrobe. Every creation is made to order by Sakshi & a seamstress in Singapore with natural fabrics.

Hello, this is me:

Hi there! This Sakshi :) I am the designer & founder of SAX.

I signed up for a dressmaking class because I loved fashion and because I had grossly underestimated the class's difficulty level. It was freeing. I finally held control of fashion in my own hands. Over time, I found myself gravitating towards making resort wear.

I love resort wear because it evokes a spirit of freedom. At it's best, resort wear is chic, fun and bold. As if to announce: I'm celebrating life.

I created SAX so I could celebrate with everyone. SAX is one of my nicknames. Like a nickname, I wanted a name that reflected the levity of the brand. My mission is to bring you clothes that make you feel bold, creative, happy & comfortable.

I am lucky to work with collaborators who believe in the mission and are excited to bring you our vision.

This is how we make things:

All items are made to order and worked on one piece at a time. Based on your size, they are patterned & cut by me, Sakshi. They are then sewn by a wonderful seamstress in Singapore.

The beauty of this production method is that we get to give personal attention to each piece. We can customize & tailor items to fit you. I am completely different sizes across my bust, waist and hips. So I get it.

Production in this way also allows us to have no wasted inventory. Overproduction is a huge problem in the fashion industry. We want to minimize our impact here.

Our materials:

All our fabrics are 100% natural & biodegradable. Not to mention, comfortable against the skin and cool for the Singapore heat.

Across all our collections - men, women and bags, we use cotton or linen for both the main and lining fabrics. Our labels are made with organic cotton. Our packaging is made with biodegradable materials.